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mardi 21 août 2007

John Zorn on the air

john. Ten hours with John Zorn or his music, a precious gift of Radio France this week, a true painkiller.

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mardi 26 juin 2007

Le tube d'Adorno

airportIt's a known fact that Adorno didn't like Jazz and other popular music which he considered as a part of culture industry and an alienation of what he called culture (Kultur).
So he saluted in 1933 that the nazis wiped off all the "nigger music" and the ads from the now nationalized broadcasting. But he was very astonished that they stopped half the way in his eyes, because they preserved german pop-music, the so called "Schlager".
So he suggested some re-education for the unrefined listeners, by mocking pop-music to show its real essence. Poor Adorno, at this time he misunderstood that propaganda and comedy was a complete program, that it was even essential to give them bread and games. The last movie produced by the nazi-industry was a comedy while there was only ruins around.
Like others Adorno's hope at the beginning of this bloody dictatorship was that they make possible what democracy and functional differentiation prevent: introducing the "good things" by a central and absolute power.
But when the nazies were broadcasting Goethe and other german classics at sunday mornings they paid tribute to the german "Innerlichkeit" and at the same time prevent some people from going to church and feign a cultural habit. By the way this strategy created for the most part that after-the-war-self-assurance of "interior resistance" and "non-cooperating" with the criminals.
So it wasn't really astonioshing to read in a book called "The german catastrophe" that only Goethe-associations could save Germany from shame.

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lundi 25 juin 2007

Valère Novarina

airportAfter some very month tiring work elsewhere I finally find some more time to renew my abandoned notes on this blog.
Since yesterday you can hear Valère Novarina on the radio. France Culture is featuring his appearence in Avignon this year by a series of dialogues - a some kind of unplugged voice - "A voix nue".

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jeudi 21 juin 2007


Discovered today the youtube of avant-garde gave me the opportunity to honor two favorite artists of mine in one unique clip: Pippilotti Rist and Kevin Coyne.

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vendredi 10 novembre 2006

My funeral

airportAttending a good friend's funeral remembered me my own always virtual last will.
Easy to say if you're dead what will it matter to ask you questions like "In what place would I like to assemble my friends and family?" or "what music would i like to listen to after my death?" or "What would I like to exclude absolutely from my funeral?" .... and more of these?
In fact it is the way I would like to be remembered, my so called posterity.
The first time I would have had written my last will in this sense was when another good friend had been killed in an car accident a long time ago and when I had been the powerless spectator of an horrible choreography of narrow-minded parents that fetched back all they can inclusive of her dead daughter who had broken with them since many years.
Without respecting anyone who lived with her the last ten years.
I never wrote this last will and perhaps won't write it anyway.
Memory won't be my exercise but that of who will follow.

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dimanche 15 octobre 2006

Danielle Huillet

airportAnother obituary. To see at work take a look at the beautiful Pedro Costa's documentary Où gît votre sourire enfoui?" (Where has your hidden smile gone?). Without her Jean-Marie Straub never would have had the force to do what he had done: a lot of theater and movies that never were assured to come into the world.
Even if in this docuemtary they never stop to quarrel and to fight for every cut - Danielle is cutting while Jean-Marie is smoking, arguing, ordering and running around - that one can wonder what they have in commun. But the result is always convincing so that I suppose that tehy loved each other.

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jeudi 7 septembre 2006

Falsche Bewegung

Freeze! It was juste the opposite, nobody told me to freeze, but I moved unfortunately on my bycicle so that I had great difficulties to breeze then. As if a stroke had passed through my left shoulder.

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